How To Clean Golf Clubs

How To Clean Golf Clubs – Best Tried & Tested Method

How To Clean Golf Clubs – Best Tried & Tested Method. This article guides you through the best Golf ClubS Cleaning Methods which are tried and tested by users that make your golf clubs shine more like a new ones.

How To Clean Golf Clubs

How much did you spend on your golfing equipment? Your clubs were a substantial investment, whether you bought a brand-new set off the shelf or discovered a used set online. How are your clubs handled?

You may use your clubs for many years if you give them the right care and cleaning. How well you looked after them will have a direct impact on the resale value if you choose to upgrade. Consider them an investment.

We can provide assistance if you’re unsure of how to properly clean golf clubs. A thorough instruction manual on how to clean golf clubs has been assembled. We want you to use them for many years and to receive the most money back if you do decide to sell them.

We’ll show you how to properly clean every club in your bag in this article. There are a variety of ways to clean golf clubs, but the ones we’ll go over here are, in our opinion, the simplest and most efficient.

What is required to clean golf clubs?

  • a bucket of hot water
  • soap or dishwashing liquid
  • a soft-bristle brush or an old toothbrush
  • a cloth
  • polishing chrome or steel
  • a fabric

How to clean Irons?

How To Clean Golf Clubs starts with how to clean irons. follow mentioned steps to clean irons.

Add roughly three teaspoons of soap or dishwashing liquid to the bowl and fill the bucket with warm water. The club heads should be submerged in water for around five minutes.

After that, remove each iron one at a time and clean them with a soft-bristle brush. Get into the club head grooves and give them a thorough cleaning. To get into the grooves, you can also use a toothbrush or even a golf tee.

Once all of the clubs have been cleaned, give the irons one more rinse before using a towel to dry them off. This is a crucial step since rust accumulation from leaving your clubs wet could give them an ugly appearance and lower their resale value.

Steps to clean Irons

  • Just enough warm water should be added to a bucket to cover the heads of your clubs. Avoid using hot water since it could cause the ferrules that connect the club head to the shaft to loosen.
  • To the pail of water, add 2 or 3 tablespoons of dishwasher liquid or mild soap.
  • So that the dirt from your club heads may be readily removed in the following step, soak them in the warm, soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes. You can soak your iron clubs in water for 15-20 minutes to give them a deeper clean if they are particularly muddy.
  • Grab an old toothbrush or a soft-bristle brush and remove the last of the dirt from each club head as you remove them one at a time from the water.
  • Make sure to thoroughly clean the back, front, bottom, and each individual groove of your club heads. Make sure that this process is carried out completely since if the grooves are not cleaned correctly, they will have a bad effect on your subsequent game.
  • Once the dirt has been removed with a brush, make sure to wet the club heads, being cautious not to get water on the shaft and grips of your club.
  • After that, dry the club heads with a towel. Avoid leaving the club head or shaft damp as they can quickly rust.
  • Apply a small amount of steel or chrome polish to your club heads, rub it in gently in circular motions, and then wait a minute. This will restore their brand-new appearance.
  • Then, make sure all the polish is gone; the club head shouldn’t have any oil on it.

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Golf club cleaning is demonstrated in the following video using a pail of soapy water and a brush

How To Clean Golf Clubs

How To Clean Woods & Putters?

Cleaning drivers and fairway woods should mostly follow the same guidelines as cleaning irons. They shouldn’t be submerged in water though since this could harm them since their heads contain various metals.

Instead, scrub the dirt off the club by dipping a cloth or soft-bristle brush into a bucket of warm water that has soap or dishwashing solutions added. Be sure to clean the sole and crown as well as the grooves.

This method can also be used to clean putters, which should just require a short wipe-down.

Although your woods’ grooves aren’t as crucial as your irons’ grooves, maintaining them clean will help you get the most out of them and prevent any long-term damage.

Steps to clean Woods & Putters

  • Grab a pail of warm water, then dampen the cloth by dipping it into the water.
  • To remove the grime, gently wipe off your wooden clubhead.
  • After cleaning your club head, make careful to pat it dry with a cloth.

How To Clean Grips?

When cleaning their clubs, many golfers forget to clean their grips, but this is a crucial step that shouldn’t be skipped. Golf club grips can gather dirt and deteriorate over time, making it harder and harder to acquire a firm hold on the club.

You can easily wipe off your grips with a damp towel after you play to maintain their cleanliness and lengthen their lifespan. Make sure the fabric isn’t too heated because this could harm the grip.

You can scrub the grip on all sides with a soft-bristle brush after dipping it in warm, soapy water for an even more thorough cleaning. The grip should then be rinsed of the soap and dried with a cloth.

How to clean a golf club shaft?

After cleaning your golf club heads, it’s critical that you don’t overlook the shafts. Shafts of golf clubs can also collect dirt. You must properly dry the shaft with a towel after thoroughly cleaning the shaft with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

If you’re wondering how to remove rust off golf clubs, simply wipe the shaft with some vinegar while being careful not to scratch it. After completing this, be sure to completely dry the shaft from the vinegar.

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Cleaning Rust Clubs

Vinegar can be used as a home treatment for rust-damaged golf equipment.

Although WD-40 can be efficient at removing rust, you should use caution if your golf clubs have any specialty finishes because WD-40 may eliminate them. It is not advised to use WD-40 on drivers or fairway woods.

Use WD-40 or vinegar on a towel to eliminate rust. Try to get rid of any residue by rubbing it on the rust spot and the surrounding region. As you do not want to do any additional harm, it is crucial to move gently and carefully.

How To Clean Golf Clubs
How To Clean Golf Clubs

Optional Commitments


Apply some chrome or steel polish to your golf clubs if you really want to make them gleam.

If you’re doing this, carefully rub the polish in, let it sit for about a minute, then take it off. When you’re finished, make sure to completely wipe away the polish.


For years, toothpaste has been used to clean silver, and it turns out that they also function well for cleaning golf clubs. Minor paint scratches can be removed with toothpaste.

Power Cleaning

Power washing golf clubs has been attempted by several golfers.

Although it may seem like a speedy solution, you should proceed with caution because the force of the water could harm your clubs and it isn’t a water-efficient method of cleaning.

Extra Advice – How To Clean Golf Clubs

Supplies for Specialized Cleaning

There are various specialized golf cleaning products and equipment available. For cleaning your golf clubs, for instance, you can purchase specialized bristle brushes.

However, you may clean your clubs yourself using inexpensive supplies and household items. Any soft-bristle brush, including an old toothbrush, ought to work just as well.

During the Round, cleaning

It is a good idea to quickly wipe down your clubs on the golf course after each shot. This is quite simple to do by attaching a little towel to your golf bag.

You may even use your golf tee to clean the grooves of mud and grime while you are waiting to take your shot. While this won’t eliminate the necessity to give your golf clubs a full, thorough cleaning as mentioned above, maintaining your clubs in between strokes can increase their lifespan and offer you the best grip possible on the greens.

Conclusion – How To Clean Golf Clubs

As you can see, it’s really easy to clean your golf clubs, and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

It can be considerably simpler to maintain your golf clubs looking and functioning better for longer if you develop a regular cleaning routine. And it’s best to clean your clubs more frequently.

Follow the above-mentioned steps on How To Clean Golf Clubs to make your golf clubs look brand new.

This is our guide on How To Clean Golf Clubs if you like this article and found it useful please do share it with your fellow golfer friends.

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